Site Plan

Inspired by the swiss alpine region

The Alps Residences is conceptualised and designed as a collaborative effort between Group8Asia and AGA Architects, two award-winning firms recognised for their dynamic work and ability to inspire contemporary living.

The property’s architecture is reminiscent of the mountainous region it is named after. Be it the cascading façade or gabled structures found across the premises, every other turn will reveal design elements that remind you of the Alpine states.

By optimising the property’s permissible height, an interior space is created for community life to take place.

Corners are intentionally lowered to open views toward the surroundings.

A cascading roof design results in public terraces that create an iconic skyline.

The swimming pool’s central location mimics lakes formed by surrounding mountains.

Swimming pool and conifers evoke natural form and beauty of the Alps

Gabled structures inspired by the roofs of Swiss chalets

Balcony featuring snowcap design motif